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Online Examination System Avatar
Online Examination System
Created by toprankers on Jun, 7 2016 with 4 Members

Online test series are easy tools that provide a live test preparation framework to prepare for competitive exams like JEE, AIEEE, Premedical, GATE, BITSAT, ICSE, CBSE, CLAT, CTET, CMAT , CAT , MAT and many more. The Online test preparation trend has grown in the last few years, including in India as well.Gone are the days, when you had to open to hard bound text books and solve 100 questions a day. Now with everything going digital, access these questions on the web and solve them, feel less bored and dull!Some ready benefits of taking online exams is discussed here from Experts point of view and Toppers point of view .See more at

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MCP Footwear Online
Created by diabeticshoes on Jul, 28 2016 with 4 Members

Dab Shoes Clinic are the top manufacturer of medical shoes in india at Affordable price. We are manufactur all type medical shoes like: 1. Club Foot [Congenital Talipes Equino Varus] 2. Flat Foot [Pes-Planus] 3. Valgus Foot 4. Plantar Fasciitis 5. Hallux Valgus 6. Calcaneal Spur [Pain in Heel] 7. Metatarsalgia [Pain in fore foot] 8. Chopart’s Foot [Partial Foot Amputation] 9. Shortening [Leg Length Discrepancy] 10. Insensitive Foot [Neuropathic] 11. Sole Ulcer / Wound 12. Deformed Foot, Etc. We have the expertise in recognizing, and supplying, the need for COMFORT, STYLE and QUALITY in the therapeutic shoes industry. Today our comfort footwear line includes: • Diabetic shoes • Prescription and Non-prescription inserts • Diabetic socks, Slippers, Sandals • Silicon gel products • Custom made footwear and are expected to grow more with time...... Contact Us: DAB SHOES CLINIC: Address: G-2, ANUPAM COMMERCIAL COMPLEX PLOT NO 9, 10 NEAR JWALAHERI MARKET PASCHIM VIHAR NEW DELHI, INDIA -110063, Phone:+91 9818020494, +91 9953220494, Email:, Website:,

Anti-Cancer medicine Supplier Avatar
Anti-Cancer medicine Supplier
Created by oddwaysupplier on Sep, 9 2016 with 3 Members

We are a leading supplier of a wide range of medicines, such as Oncology (Anti - Cancer) Drugs. We export different medicines like Zytiga, Afinitor, Erlonat, Geftinat, Imatib etc. We deal with other categories of medicines. We also provide delivery facility worldwide. For more info, Call: +91-9873336444, QQ: Avatar
Created by travelcarmas on Sep, 30 2016 with 3 Members

Viajes Carma es una compañía de tecnología de viajes con experiencia alimentar más de 200 empresas de viajes en todo el mundo con B2C / B2B los sistemas de reserva en línea, Back-Office, de mitad de oficina y acceso al inventario global. Para más información visite

Indian generic HCV Drugs supplier Avatar
Indian generic HCV Drugs supplier
Created by oddwaysupplier on Sep, 9 2016 with 3 Members

we are exporter and supplier of Pharmaceutical products like hepatitis B,C Medicines. Some medicine including sofosbuvir 400 mg , Daclatasvir Tablets etc. for HCV, HBV. To provide profit and full satisfaction to our customer, we provide fastest shipping and deliver medicines at affordable prices. For any enquiry, Call +91-9873336444, QQ: . Avatar
Created by seokhazanaoct on Nov, 20 2016 with 2 Members

In our website you can find Directory Submission List, Social Bookmarking List, Article Submission List, PDF & PPT Submission List, Classified Submission List and many more.

Annual Credit Report - free credit reports in UK Avatar
Annual Credit Report - free credit reports in UK
Created by devidjack123 on Oct, 9 2016 with 2 Members

When you get your yearly free credit report, you ought to deliberately read all areas. All parts of the credit report are incorporated into processing a financial assessment, so you ought to pay consideration on every one of them. Check your location to ensure it is right and contrast the rundown of records with guarantee that you have not missed any installments. The yearly free credit report likewise contains a rundown of individuals or organizations that have asked for credit data on you as of late. You ought to likewise check this to see that these names are commonplace to you.

auto insurance gainesville ga Avatar
auto insurance gainesville ga
Created by gainesvilleinsurance on Nov, 21 2016 with 2 Members

Do you remember the first time you got behind the wheel to drive? Chances are, you weren’t thinking about anything other than starting the engine and hitting the road to enjoy your new found freedom. You probably weren’t thinking about all the “what ifs” — the unexpected and unknown. What if you have an accident? What if another car hits you? What if someone is injured? What if you don’t have the money to pay for the damage?